“As Carmen, Hannah Pedley is utterly captivating…. standing out as the undeniable star”
Anna Dominey – Oxford DailyInfo.

What we do

Oxford deserves its own opera company.

Oxford has arguably the best university in the world ….. Oxford Opera Company believes that the city can also produce, arguably, the best performances in classical performance whilst also encouraging opportunities for the next generation of singers, musicians, all and everyone who want to be involved in the incredible world of the creative arts.


“Music unites; music heals; music inspires.”

Our Patrons

Susan Bullock CBE

Richard Berkeley-Steele


Oxford Opera will seek to give this beautiful city the very best opera experience through live performances featuring the finest soloists available.

Singing in schools

One of Oxford Opera’s core values is to take opera into schools presenting students with an opportunity to not only experience the art form but to also engage with it; be it on-stage; back-stage; lighting; design, costume; composition; directing or orchestral.

Community engagement

Oxford Opera has the community of the city at its heart. It wants the city to be proud of its own opera company through engagement at every level of opportunity.  

Bringing Opera to new audiences.

Pupils singing

New to Opera

Ongoing Projects

Friends and supporters


Oxford Playhouse Theatre – starring Hannah Pedley, Mike Bracegirdle and Dawid Kimberg

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